seeing george


While filing away some documents at work, Violet is interrupted by a new staff member, George. From the moment she sees him, Violet knows that George isn't ordinary. He surprises and enchants her in ways that her husband Frank never can. In two years of marriage Violet has never kept anything from Frank, yet she can't bring herself to tell him about George. Simply describing her new friend leaves her speechless. But some secrets are impossible to contain... Now, fifty years later, it's Frank's turn to surprise Violet - by asking her to stop seeing George. Why, having put up with him for so long, is Frank finally taking this stand? Does seeing George still have the power to end their marriage? From a fresh, original voice comes Seeing George - an irresistible tale about truth, trust and the waywardness of the heart.



Shortlisted: Commonwealth Writers Prize 2005 Best First Book

Winner: Best Literary Fiction Book Design 2003



'A quirky book that lots of people will love.'

Jason Steger, The Age


'Seeing George is a charming, deceptively simple romance, with humorous touches and a decidedly soft centre beneath the scaly exterior.'

Thuy On, The Age


’A remarkable book with an ethereal quality’



'’The best magical realism has the reader believing six impossible things before breakfast. This first novel attempts precisely that mix of the domestic and the fantastical . . . A quiet, perceptive tale.'

Sunday Age